Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Happy New year And thank you all for a great year

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Living Under Correct Knowledge

Jamies backpiece.

Nates Foo Dog.

First sitting.

King B's cock!

Recent watercolor. 8 Wands

ONI half sleeve for Austin


- is the ability to produce change.
Imelda Octavia Shanklin

Cover Up

Don't Cry

Cowboy Style done at Royal Tattoo this summer

Fusion or Mutation

Round 1
I don't know why but I never get tired of tribal tattoos.


add on tattoo

Stairway to Heaven

Tattooing a stair case was a bit of a challenge but it was fun and I like the way it turned out.

Traded a tattoo for this!

Old redemption tshirt by Ryan Begley of

Massive cover up!