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Meanings of the Three Most Popular Star Shapes Used as Tattoo Designs

The star is a sign of hope during the darkest of the night and the struggles you fight. It seems like everyone go crazy over the star tattoo design. May it be for a symbolic reason or just for the sake of having one, star tattoos are so popular.

More or less, every star is symmetrical. Let us take a look at their size and shape. Take notice of its points. You can stretch each point, but in general, the points of the star are all spaced equally around the center of the star.

The following are the three main star shapes.

The four-pointed star sometimes denotes a holy symbol or a cross when the lower point is stretched or lengthened. It usually reminds of the stars in the night sky especially when it is Christmas. The four pointed-star is usually drawn with its points up, down, left and right, and never used as “X”. It is so simple that it is best for a tattoo design. For a 3D effect, shade half of each leg.

We are all familiar with the common five-pointed star. If you want to have this design for your tattoo, you must first consider two things. One is the way it is inked. Is it with or without the intersecting lines? Another thing to consider is the orientation of the design. Is it pointing up or down?

A five-pointed star facing up can mean two things. One is its representation of the five elements: air, fire, earth, water and spirit. For Christians, it represents the five wounds of Jesus. It is a symbol of faith. This star is called the pentagram and if surrounded by a circle, it is called the pentacle.

If the point is facing downward like the shape of the ram, it connotes evil. The person wearing it could mean he is promoting evil worship.

This five-pointed star could also represent the stars in the sky, a military power or rank, and peace when it is drawn without the intersecting lines.

The six-pointed star is also known as the Star of David. It is common as a religious symbol for the Jewish faith. Jews use this to represent the six days of creation. The same star design are also being used as police’s or sheriff's badges, as certain gang symbols and representations in other faiths such as for Muslims and many other religious groups.

Celebrities with Star Tattoos

Celebrities have subjected their life for public scrutiny and that is a component of being a star. Some of them with tattoos never escape the eyes of the spectators and the stalking media. Most often, they choose a star tattoo because of the obvious message it conveys: “that they are stars and they are proud of their achievement”.

Here are some celebrities with star tattoos and still, some celebrities just don’t want to admit they have one or more.

• Sienna Miller: the ex-fiancĂ©e of Jude Law has a “constellation” of three stars on the right shoulder which signifies love, honor and thrust. Ironically, they broke up because both were unfaithful.
• Eva Longoria: has a star on her wrist. She also has a blue tattoo.
• Victoria Beckham: a Spice Girl member has four star tattoos on her lumbar area representing herself, her two kids and his husband David.
• Bruce Willis: three stars on his left shoulder.
• Ashlee Simpson: a star tattoo on her left wrist.
• Boy George: 80s singer with a Star of David tattoo.
• Britney Spears: a small star tattoo on her right hand.
• George Clooney: has a temporary star tattoo on his chest in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn
• Aaliyah: this late R&B star has a star tattoo on her hand.
• Drew Barrymore: a moon star tattoo on her right foot.
• Bill Kaulitz: singer of the band Tokyo Hotel has a star tattoo on his abdomen and his band's logo on his neck.
• Rihanna: has a small star tattoo on her left ear and a shower of stars on her neck.
• Bjork: has a small star tattoo behind her right ear.
• Gisele Bundchen: super model with a star tattoo on the inside of her left wrist and a moon star tattoo on her right ankle.
• Aaron Carter: singer with a nautical star tattoo on his right arm.
• Gerry Halliwell: member of the Spice Girls group with a star tattoo on her back.
• Kate Hudson: a small star tattoo on her left foot.
• Norah Jones: famous jazz singer with a star on her lower back.
• Anna Kournikova: tennis player with a star tattoo on her lower back.
• Avril Lavigne: punk-pop singer with a small star tattoo on her left wrist.
• Lindsay Lohan: actress with a small star on her left wrist. This she got after a drinking night.
• Kelly Osbourne: reality TV actress and singer with a small star tattoo on her neck.
• Pink: a shooting star tattoo on her left shoulder and a red star on her hand.
• Joss Stone: a shooting star tattoo under her right ankle.
• Tila Tequila: a star on her both hands.

The fact that celebrities are inking themselves is a full proof that tattooing is a popular fashion.

Small Star Tattoos

Star tattoos are growing in popularity but what made the small star tattoos reach such high level of audience reach? Star tattoos vary in designs as well as meanings. Small star tattoo designs are common to females while portraits and larger tattoos are common to males. As the line “reaching for the stars” mean, star tattoos are believed to represent success. Some believe that small star tattoos represent a person’s goals or the “inner star”. It can also represent hope. Stars are also believed to grant wishes, hence, the term “wishing star.” Many choose small star tattoos because of the following reasons:

• They are compact. Some employers do not accept anyone with a tattoo, so a small tattoo is easy to hide not just in applying for work but for any other occasions that may require no tattoos. Small star tattoos can fit to any location. Plus, using less space on your skin means a larger space for more tattoo designs.

• Less pain. While “no pain, no gain” is the maxim of most tattoo fans, others want the tattoo design with the least pain possible. For the latter type, having a smaller tattoo means lesser agony during the process. At least, they got what they wanted--to have a tattoo. After their initial tattoo experience, pain couldn’t stop some people anymore from getting a tattoo.

• Of course a smaller tattoo costs lesser than a large one. Star tattoos are also generally priced lower because they are not too detailed like getting a fairy tattoo or a dragon. However, adding more colors on it can make it a bit expensive.

Getting a tattoo is not just a fad or just because you wanted to get trendy. It means having a work of art inked on your skin forever, so before giving in to your desire, think first. You wouldn’t want to regret it after, don’t you? Coming up with the design is the first step if you are certain of having a tattoo, so I may suggest why not try to have a small tattoo first. Because it is undoubtedly stunning, you can never go wrong with it.

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Celtic Star Tattoos

Different kinds of star tattoo designs are popular nowadays. One of these is the Celtic Star Tattoo design that you can see on a lot of people whether on men or women. Usually what you can see to people are Celtic symbols, which in reality were not really intended to serve for the purpose of promoting Celtic tradition. The Celtic tattoo tradition grew in popularity nowadays although its history is not as long as the Chinese and Japanese tattoo traditions.

The Celtics have always been very good craftsmen. They molded iron into very complex designs for their weapons which were new to their contemporaries. The Celtics were also known as voyagers and conquerors. These could be the reason why Celtic star tattoo designs are invented—stars are a guide for them when sailing on the wide seas. The Celtic star tattoos are famous for their beauty and complexity which attracts many tattoo lovers. Celtic stars also have powerful symbolism which are unknown to many people who have them.

If you are fascinated with the history of the Celtics, you might also want to have a Celtic inspired tattoo. You must make a good choice of what Celtic tattoo design you want. A Celtic tattoo design is really beautiful yet very complex, so it is better if you get it done as a large tattoo. A preferred body part for a huge tattoo is at your back so that the lines and the details are highly noticeable; and because of it complexity, you must consider to have it done only by a very good artist.

If you are finally decided that you want to get a Celtic star tattoo but you couldn’t choose on what specific design, you can try to surf the internet. Browse Yahoo or Google but there are more chances that you might get a design that has already been used by many. There are better places that you can try to visit such as forums where artists post their original designs. These sites are not as popular as Yahoo or Google so chances are not so many people know about the choices.

If you are certain that you want a complex and large tattoo, a Celtic star tattoo is definitely the right choice for you. If you also want a tattoo that is totally unique, why not create come up with your own idea and let your artist do it for you!