Back from Austria

An overload of pictures from all over Europe! 

We came back a couple of days ago but I didn't have time to sort through the pictures and make a post about our road trip because of some errands I had to run first.
The trip was amazing, I actually didn't expect to see so much and have that much fun. Except for Vienna we've also been to Budapest in Hungary, Krakow and Warsaw in Poland, Prague in Czech Republic and had an amazing weekend at a spa resort in Slovakia. 
We've actually had so much fun during the trip, that I almost forgot to take pictures, only by the end of our journey did we take time to make proper shots.
Here's a couple of pics from Budapest, an amazing city with gorgeous architecture, lots of stores and delicious marzipans that I think I've had too much of :)
After Hungary we went to Slovakia for a night, but we loved it so much that we decided to stay for the weekend. Slovakia has the most beautiful nature and we came there right before the opening of the ski season, so all the ski resorts were already covered with snow, that put me in the Christmas mood. 
The view from my hotel window:
We came to Vienna just in time for the Christmas fair, I managed to buy some cute presents for friends and stuff for home, and then went shopping.
When we came out of the H&M store on Mariahilfe strasse it was already dark,and as it was the only free day we had in Vienna, we had a 6-hour walk around the city and took lots of night shots.The architecture in Vienna is incredible, I'm definitely going back there in a couple of months for the day time photos :)
In two days after Vienna we went to see Prague,  I've always wanted to see this city and was amazed how much it looks like some Ukrainian cities with all the Soviet and ancient architecture mixed together. Actually we weren't planning on doing much sightseeing in any of the places but just couldn't help it. In Prague we spent almost the whole day exploring the small streets, parks, bridges and traditional cuisine :)
Our last big stop was Krakow and although it looks much simpler than everything we've seen during our trip, it felt pretty much like home to me, I don't even know why. Fell in love with this city and already wanna come back :)
All the time we had a lot of people around us, so these are probably the only pictures of me and some architecture without a crowd of friends behind :) One thing I regret about this trip is not taking enough clothes for proper outfit shots in each of the cities :)
Hope you've had a great time, too. What do you think of these pictures?

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The New Yorker Dec. 5, 2011

This week's cover of the New Yorker...

Packing for Austria

Due to some errands we had to delay our journey for a day. I'm leaving for Vienna in a couple of hours, just finished packing, I think it's the first time I've packed so lightly, gotta see how that thing works :)
Anyways, I'm not sure I'll be able to update my blog, but expect an overload of pictures when I come back.
Hope you have a great day!

Look of the Day: Leather & Denim

Funny thing about me is that I seem to refuse to wear shades as soon as the summer's over, this can be really tricky, especially if you're doing pictures for your blog :) From these shots it looks like it's still warm, but don't be fooled, I took my furry jacket for just a couple of minutes ;)

I'm wearing:
Denim shirt, tee - H&M
Leather pants - Topshop

Boots - Asos

On another note, tomorrow I'm going on a road trip to Austria with my friends, super excited!!! We'll definitely be crossing Poland and Czech Republic on our way, maybe some other countries, we'll have to decide about that once we get in the car :) I know I have readers from these countries, so if you're reading this post, please advise me on some hot shopping/dining spots in Prague and Vienna.

Have a great day!

Signing at the Miami Book Fair - November 19

This Saturday, November 19 at 12:30 p.m. Daniel Clowes will be  at the Miami book fair. He will be there signing The Death Ray and speaking with fellow cartoonists Seth and Adrian Tomine.

click here for details.

The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist

We just wrapped up our book project and it will be available in April 2012. Here's more info:

The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist
224 pages, Full Color, Hardcover (Abrams ComicArts)

Created with full access to the cartoonist’s archives, The Art of Daniel Clowes collects for the first time Clowes’s best-known and seldom-seen illustrations, personal photos and memorabilia, behind-the-scenes drawings and sketchbook pages, along with unpublished comics and original art. It also features:

     An introduction by George Meyer (The Simpsons)
     A career-spanning interview by Kristine McKenna (Talk to Her)
     Book designer Chip Kidd on Clowes and design
     Art critic Susan Miller on Wilson and portraiture
     Writer Ken Parille on Clowes’s post-Y2K graphic novels
     Film critic Ray Pride on David Boring and film
     Cartoonist Chris Ware on why other cartoonists fear Daniel Clowes

Edited by Alvin Buenaventura
Designed by Jonathan Bennett
Co-Edited by Ken Parille


Call for tattoos update:

 Thanks to everyone who sent us pictures of their Clowes tattoos! We've wrapped up the book project and no longer need submissions for it.

However, we will continue to post your tattoos in our Eightball Ink Flickr gallery. So keep sending your photos and check back for updates.

In addition to the tattoos, we had so much so much outstanding material for our book that we couldn't include it all. The good news is we'll be posting a lot of interesting Clowes art and related material in the coming months in anticipation of the book’s April 2012 release.

(Updated) In The News: Clowes and THE DEATH-RAY

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Tribal Seahorse

Look of the Day: Leopard and Safety Pins


Found this safety pin top I made last year while rearranging my closet and thought it would be great to match it with something feminine. Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures, we didn't have much time for a proper shooting :) Have a great day!

I'm wearing:
Top - DIY
Skirt - Zara
Boots - Newlook
Tights - Asos

A Siberian Grandmother


Marlins sleeve almost complete

The Death-Ray Discussion

Please feel free to participate in a conversation about Daniel Clowes's The Death-Ray at The Comics Journal.

Look of the Day: Stripey

One of the outfits that I managed to shoot a couple of days ago when it was still warm and sunny. Right now it's like freezing out there and I'm utterly in need of fur in my life :) Hopefully I'll manage to find a great fur coat in the near future :)

P.S. What do you guys think of my new header?

I'm wearing:
Sweater - TOPMAN from last year (yeah, I love buying mens clothes!)
Pants - Zara customized
Shoes - Zara

Cross with Wing Tattoo

Look of the Day: In the Mood for Knits

The last couple of weeks we've been really blessed with amazingly warm and sunny fall weather, and although I already updated my wardrobe with several new sweaters preparing for the chilly days, going out bare legged this one last time seemed like a really good idea :) Have a great day!

I'm wearing:

Turtleneck sweater - Topshop (found similar ones here, here and here)
Knitted skirt - H&M
Boots - Asos