How to Choose the Best Star Tattoo

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo you might want to consider a Star Tattoo design. This is certainly the best tattoo you must get. You can do many variations to your star tattoo design. Try to play with it by adding redesigns to spice it up. A star tattoo design doesn’t end in the typical five point star. You can always have variety of colors inked on your skin with your star tattoo design. There are hundreds of ways you can show your star tattoo and a hundred of ways to show your personality. We will give you ideas of what star tattoo design to get.

Multiple stars: star tattoos are unisex but most of the multiple star tattoo designs are common to girls. It may appear like the universe or the Milky Way. A multiple star tattoo design is great looking. You can create a big star with smaller stars right by it that seemingly portrays a shooting star. You can play with colors as well.

If done properly, the constellation of stars is the most beautiful among star tattoo designs. Choosing a constellation that already exists is okay, but why not create your own. The good thing about star tattoos is that your creativity has no boundaries.

An ordinary star may look cool. Any star will do such as the 5-point star, star of David, etc, but why not make it extra cool by filling the inside of the star with your favorite animal such as a cheetah, tiger, zebra or be wilder and bolder as you wish.

A shooting star tattoo can be very cool as well. A big star with smaller stars as its tail can make an effect of a shooting star. No matter the size is, it has the same effect depending on the person who will look at it. Aside from being cool, a shooting star could be a symbol of a wish that you wanted to be granted,

No matter what your star tattoo design is, the good thing about these star tattoo designs is that you can never go wrong with it; and your creativity and artistic adventure has no boundaries.

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Shooting Star Tattoos

As times goes by, star tattoos grow more in popularity for both men and women. There are many star tattoo designs, one of which is the shooting star tattoo. Shooting stars are believed to grant wishes. They said that if you saw one, just make a wish and your wish comes true and shooting star tattoo designs denote the same meaning—for good luck and fulfillment of a wish.

One common shooting star tattoo design is a trail of small stars behind the largest star. This design seems to be moving and it covers a large part on your skin yet still with great delicacy. A big design like this can best be placed on the side of your body. For some who want it to be more visible, they even ink it on their face.

Another great thing about shooting star tattoo design is there is a very small chance of duplicating the design itself. Every shooting star designs are unique; its simplicity allows the artists to become more artistic and creative in designing your tattoo.

A small or big shooting star wouldn’t change its attractiveness as long as the main star will remain to be the biggest. The effect will still depend on the eyes of the person viewing it.

Another exciting thing about this design is the flexibility of adding colors on it. You can play around with the colors as long as each of them compliments each other.

Shooting star tattoo designs are unisex; it is appropriate for both sexes. You can just add a little spice to it and be a little creative to convey your own personality.

Even from afar, shooting star tattoo designs are recognizable because they usually contain bold border lines.

No matter how many variations you can create in the shooting star tattoo design this design will remain trendy and fabulous. Add a little spice in your life, a design that you can add designs on it sounds cool right? Be creative and fashionable without the scare of being stereotyped, surely no one can say it doesn’t look good, plus that good luck charm that is inked in your body that remains forever.

Trendy Star Tattoo Designs for Men

You wanted a star tattoo design but couldn’t decide on what design in particular? Star tattoo designs for men doesn’t end only in the five-pointed star as we are all used to back when we were kids. There are many designs like the three most popular for the males, the Pentagram or the five-pointed star, the Nautical Star, and the Hexagram or also known as the Star of David or the six-pointed star. Each of these designs has their own different meanings.

Stars are a symbol of hope, truth and guidance during the time of struggles of the darkest time in our lives. Since stars are only seen at night, the darkness symbolizes the challenges while the shining star is the hope. Also, tattoo designs have their own different meanings depending on the shape of their tips and the number of its points. Here are some distinctions.

Pentagram Star Design

The five point star is a symbol of protection and balance. Its four points are the four powerful elements: earth, water, air and sky; while the fifth point is the spirit. This fifth element that is placed on the top of all the four creates balance on the nature of life. However, a five point star has two possible meanings. One is it could represent an evil meaning. If your five point star is facing downward, this was believed as a sign of demon worship.

Nautical Star Tattoos for Men

These star is merely for guidance; mostly seen to sailors for they believe that this star would guide and protect them along their voyage and more specially will take them home safely. For non-sailors, it is basically for guidance and protection all through their personal journey in life.

Hexagram Star Tattoos or Star of David

This tattoo design has a strong connection between the human and the Divine; also called the Creator’s star. It is very important to the Kabbalah and also to Judaism.

There are still a lot of star tattoo designs that you can choose from; for instance: the Septagram, Octagram and the Nanogram which have their individual significant meanings as well. Whichever design you choose, a star tattoo design is definitely a fashion statement.

Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

As we all know men and women have their own significant differences. Where to place tattoo designs and where to ink their tattoos in particular is often dictated be gender. Girls prefer colorful tattoos and smaller ones. For instance, a common design a girl would love to have is a butterfly or a flower placed on the center of their lower back just above the rounded swell of their buttocks because it can add to their sexiness. Some women like a tattoo placed on less visible areas to avoid complications from work and to avoid wrong impressions of them.

Men’s preferences of their tattoo designs are far different from women’s likes. Most likely, the kind of tattoo design a man would want to have is in line with their interests. For example a man who is into a rock metal thing would preferably get a tattoo design like skulls and gory stuffs. A man who is in sports may get a tattoo design in line with sports as well but most often than not they favor tattoo designs such as chains, dragons or snakes, cryptic words or images. Symbols and words will also do.

Symbols and words are a popular design nowadays; people would want to have tattoos inked on their bodies with significant meaning. It may be associated to their heritage and culture or maybe an inspirational quote, or phrases from their loved ones. For some who are wary of possible implications, they hide their tattoo by placing them in less noticeable areas like what was said earlier because it may affect their work. Another well-liked design for both men and women is a cross which can either be simple or complex, big or small depending on ones preference.

Before getting a tattoo, we all know that if you get one, you will be going to have it for the time of your life. You must think about it first and think of a design that you really want. Another thing before acting upon on it, make sure that you won’t encounter future difficulties due to a tattoo you have. Some establishments are not accepting employees with tattoos and it can also limit you from traveling to other countries. Hence, it is best for you to have your tattoo done in less obvious places.

Lower Back Tattoo Designs for Girls

It has been so popular to girls to ink their tattoo on their lower back, regardless of their negative labels like "Tramp Stamp", "Bullseye Tattoo" and "Alley Tag"... but why do women still love still favored this body part for tattoo and why do men love the sight?

It is very important to know first if the tattoo will look good on you as much as it looks good on the paper. Thus, deciding where to place your tattoo is very important. Your body is not flat like a paper. The muscle tone and the bone structure will affect your tattoo design so you better ask opinion from your artist first before deciding on what tattoo you want to ink on your body.

Ever wonder why most girls love to place their tattoos on their lower backs despite of the stereotyping experienced by girls who have tattoos? Well, it is such a wonderful sight for the boys. There is something sexy and seductively alluring about this female sexy lower back tattoo. Another thing why women are much encouraged to place their tattoos at their lower backs is that due to human nature and some unexpected changes that will happen to your body, our back is the least likely to be wrinkled as we age.

Another thing is that it is less painful to get tattooed on your lower back maybe because it is fleshy. This lessens the pain down deep unlike getting tattooed on a really boney or sensitive part of the body.

Another thing that is best about getting tattoos on your back is that your back itself is a huge “blank canvass” that allows your artist to become more artistic in your tattoo design.

Some of the widely chosen lower back tattoo designs for girls are of course a flower, star tattoos, frangipani tattoos and fairy tattoos to mention a few. The good thing about these designs is their flexibility to colors—artists can add some colors to some extent.

Because your tattoo is at your back you can either display it or hide it depending on your mood or on the circumstances. You can flaunt it during parties or whatever or hide it when it is necessary.

Where to Get the Best Nautical Star Tattoos

chopper tattoo designs
If you are looking for the coolest and the best Nautical Star Tattoo then we got what you wish for. We will give you the top three tattoo galleries where you can find not only the Nautical Star Tattoo designs but many else.

Chopper-Tattoo is our number 1 choice for tattoo designs. This site contains over 4000 designs of award-winning tattoo gallery on their database, and is constantly being updated and added to. For a one-time membership of $34.95, you get unlimited access and download of any and all designs in their database, as well as access to thousands of different tattoo letterings. All designs are High Quality. Chopper Tattoo also has a Members Photo section where you can check out other members tattoos to get more ideas about what you can do with your tattoo. All in all, Chopper-Tattoo is our number 1 pick for finding tattoo designs anywhere!

You can also visit, another site which is widely increasing in popularity for tattoo designs. They too have over 4000 award winning designs and still being updated. They are the most professional among all the tattoo galleries. They offer different categories like, Angel Tattoo Designs, Flower Tattoo Designs, Celtic Tattoos, Butterfly Tattoos, Tribal Tattoos, Dragon Tattoos and many more... especially if you are particularly looking for Nautical Star Tattoos.

You may also want to try to visit Tattoo My Brain. They have many tattoo collection as well. Their tattoo design database has reached a volume of over 6000 high quality designs in over 30 categories which they had collected all over the world for 20 long years. They have many promos offered. You can try to log in to their website for further information.

With over 3500 tattoo designs Tattoo Me Now has made his name in the Tattoo industry. Tattoo me now has a Members Photo Section where you can check other members and ideas. Check their site and see for yourself the designs and services they offer.

With the thousands of stylish designs you find on this sites, the tough part is choosing which one of them. Sit back at the comfort of your home while you browse for the design, perfect for your choice or personality.

What are 3D Star Tattoos?

3d star tattoo
Deciding to have a tattoo inked on your skin is really hard, bearing in mind that once you made it tattooed in your skin, it will be hard to remove it there—knowing how long term they really are. There are many types of tattoos but star tattoos are popular nowadays especially 3D star tattoos.

A tattoo is an individual expression, and the type of your chosen design should reflect on your personality. When we say star, we picture something like the classic five-point design but there are more different styles to choose from.

Some choose their tattoo designs because it is trendy during the time they had their tattoo inked and as a result, they sometimes end up regretting they had one. Interestingly, star tattoo designs can blend with the changing circumstances and can be longer-lived designs. You can never go wrong with this design.

Star tattoos can compliment both men and women. This design can go along with both sexes. People choose star tattoos for different reasons; some just like the appearance of the star but some interpret the star tattoo in many other meanings. Star tattoo meanings are basically for guidance and they symbolize something that you wanted to achieve. This serves as a reminder of your goals, and your determination to achieve it and to never give up on it. Also, the star tattoo could mean guidance for ones own path—to never get lost of it.

Star tattoos are popular since ages ago. These star tattoo designs are the easiest tattoo designs. However, it is not as easy as you think. Some tattoo designs are complicated too, like the 3D star tattoos. Simple star tattoos are usually a plain star in different sizes and colors but sometimes star tattoos are filled with different colors inside. 3D star tattoos seem to stick out from the skin. It appears as if it is protruding from the skin itself. Star tattoos can be placed almost anywhere without getting too much attention, but can still look pretty good. A big group of star tattoos seems to form a constellation in the night sky.

Hip and Old School Star Tattoos

old school star tattoo
Traditional tattoos or the old school tattoos— these tattoos are often recognizable and we would expect to see them adoring the arms of a biker or an aging marine.
Before, tattoos are not that accepted in the society. They judge people wearing tattoos as ex-convicts for instance but luckily as the time passed by, things have changed and tattoos are now accepted as a work of art.

Old school tattoos were never really gone in sight although many other designs are seen nowadays like tribal, Celtic and Star tattoos. The old school tattoos might be the same as before. Nothing has changed in the way they appear, but the only thing that has changed is the feeling of how the person wearing it feels. These tattoos are appreciated because of their timeless and vintage appeal.

One of the most requested custom designs are the star tattoo designs; they seem to be pretty old yet still very popular design. There are two categories of tattoo artists: the traditionalists and the new generation of artists—and there has been a controversy between them.

These traditionalists are simply those artists who hate popular designs and hate those people who inked tattoos on their body just because the design is popular. They believe that each tattoo should be unique and has something about the wearer.
While of course the artists of the new generation are the opposite of the traditionalists, they love the popular tattoo designs, those that are hip and trendy. They typically want those tattoos that are full of colors and bright, the ones that they see on popular TV personalities or their friends or friends of their friends.

Choosing a tattoo design is truly a hard decision to make. Once you have it, you’ll have it for the longest time. Star tattoo designs are practically everywhere. Whether it be an old school design or a hip and trendy one, you can never go wrong about these star tattoo designs. They are definitely the best choice but whether it would be a traditional tattoo or not? It is still up to you.

Star Tattoos: Meaning and Designs

Star tattoos, well I myself have one tattooed on my back for three years now that’s why I chose to write this article. For those who are wondering if tattoos are just made for decoration, you are wrong. Tattoo designs have meaning. For example, what is the hidden meaning of these star tattoos?

We look up in the starry night sky, we see Gods creation of beauty, and we feel the happiness just by the sight. We thought perhaps, how can I ever get that shining star? Stars stand for goals, ambition, our aims, enlightenment and beauty; and that simply explains what star tattoos are. Now let’s be more specific in trying to get these star tattoos’ meanings.

shooting star tattoo

One of the most common is the shooting star. Shooting stars represent moments in your life that did not last for too long. It can either be a happy moment or a sad experience but had definitely left a lasting intuition in your life. They look beautiful and they are perfect to remind you of those days gone by.

nautical star tattoo
Another star tattoo is the Nautical Star or the North Star or sometimes called as the compass star. By the name itself, it can only mean that this star tattoo signifies the will to make ones personal path— it stands for guidance and protection. This star is believed to have guided the Three Wise Men on their way to Bethlehem to find the Messiah.

five point star tattoo
The Pentagram which is a five point star has two meanings: a sign of protection and balance if it is in the upward position and it stands for the Devil if it is a downward facing pentagram. For this reason, devil worshipers have a downward facing pentagram to advertise the devil.

star of david tattoo
A very strong symbol in Judaism is the Star of David or the hexagram. To represent a balanced life, the Star of David is often used. In Paganism, this star stands for "the blade and the chalice", a sign for complete humanity. Both views depict the relations between the Divine and humans.

nine point star tattoo
A nine point star is fairly rare, the nanogram. Because it is uneasy to draw, it is hardly ever chosen. This nanogram has been believed to have special powers since long ago and is quite mystical. Achievement and stability are what this nanogram stands for and is also used to bring about and keep stability in life.

Most Popular Body Parts for Star Tattoo

shoulder star tattoo
1. Shoulders- The stars on the shoulders are suitable for those people who desire to express rather then to impress. There isn’t an exact reason behind the cluster star patterns but having this cluster of stars tattooed on you back which forms a string or design towards your lower back could mean a portrayal of a spirit and the quest to reach the heavens. If you want to project your zodiac sign instead, you can have a constellation inked on your shoulders.

feet star tattoo
2. Feet- Like Indians who find it incomplete without including stars on their feet as a body art; you may also want to include stars tattoos to cover your feet with a stunning look.

navel star tattoo
3. Navel- A star tattooed on your navel is also nice to look at especially when you have a flat belly, it can add to the appeal and sexiness in you. When you are in a beach party for example, your star belly tattoo can be a focal point. This tattoo is also a symbol of fashion and modern life.

lower back star tattoo
4. Lower Back- Not only because it is trendy and popular to have a star tattooed on your lower back, many wants to place their tattoos here because base from the spiritual or superstitious sayings coming from the Celtic beliefs, if you place your tattoo in this particular area it generates the flow of incoming energy coming from nature. These stars serve as the entrance to open the pathway so that a person’s aura can be opened to gather energy.

chest star tattoo
5. Chest- Placing star tattoos near the breast is somewhat normal today in this generation. This could mean rebellion or someone’s desire of being free because she is trapped in obeying rules.

wrist star tattoo
6. Wrist- Many believe that having a tattoo on their wrist can attract power and energy from nature and can be transmitted to their system. A chain of star that wraps around the wrist with a big star that will serve as a head is a symbol of power. People want this design believe that they will become stronger and powerful.
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