DIY Leggings Tutorial

Many of you were asking for the tutorial for the DIY leggings I was wearing in my previous post, so here are the 10 easy steps. All you need is a piece of stretchy fabric (its length should be the desired length of your leggings + about 20 cm), scissors, thread & needle, elastic band for the waist and a pair of your old leggings or close-fitting pants.
Step 1. Fold the fabric in half and lay it on the table, its face should be inside the fold.
Step 2. Place your old leggings on top of the fabric and make sure the outside edge of your leggings is on the folded edge of your fabric.
Step 3. Cut out your future leggings out, allow a couple of centimeters on each side for the seam.
Step 4. Pin the front and the back part of your leggings together and sew along the outside and the inside of the leg (as shown on the picture).
Step 5. Try on the leggings and if they fit nicely, sew both parts together using a sewing machine. If the pants run a little bit loose, trim off the extra fabric by making the seam closer to the center.
Step 6. Fold about an inch of your hem inside and sew along the edge to make it look pretty.
Step 7. Take an elastic band and measure your waist, mark the necessary length and cut. Make sure it's a couple centimeters shorter than the top of your leggings.
Step 8. Sew the band around the inside of your leggings top, stretching it out a little.
Step 9. After you've sewn the band, fold the top of your leggings inside to hide it and sew again.
Step 10. Your leggings are ready, go ahead and try them on :)
My result from the previous post: