Small Star Tattoos

Star tattoos are growing in popularity but what made the small star tattoos reach such high level of audience reach? Star tattoos vary in designs as well as meanings. Small star tattoo designs are common to females while portraits and larger tattoos are common to males. As the line “reaching for the stars” mean, star tattoos are believed to represent success. Some believe that small star tattoos represent a person’s goals or the “inner star”. It can also represent hope. Stars are also believed to grant wishes, hence, the term “wishing star.” Many choose small star tattoos because of the following reasons:

• They are compact. Some employers do not accept anyone with a tattoo, so a small tattoo is easy to hide not just in applying for work but for any other occasions that may require no tattoos. Small star tattoos can fit to any location. Plus, using less space on your skin means a larger space for more tattoo designs.

• Less pain. While “no pain, no gain” is the maxim of most tattoo fans, others want the tattoo design with the least pain possible. For the latter type, having a smaller tattoo means lesser agony during the process. At least, they got what they wanted--to have a tattoo. After their initial tattoo experience, pain couldn’t stop some people anymore from getting a tattoo.

• Of course a smaller tattoo costs lesser than a large one. Star tattoos are also generally priced lower because they are not too detailed like getting a fairy tattoo or a dragon. However, adding more colors on it can make it a bit expensive.

Getting a tattoo is not just a fad or just because you wanted to get trendy. It means having a work of art inked on your skin forever, so before giving in to your desire, think first. You wouldn’t want to regret it after, don’t you? Coming up with the design is the first step if you are certain of having a tattoo, so I may suggest why not try to have a small tattoo first. Because it is undoubtedly stunning, you can never go wrong with it.