Meanings of the Three Most Popular Star Shapes Used as Tattoo Designs

The star is a sign of hope during the darkest of the night and the struggles you fight. It seems like everyone go crazy over the star tattoo design. May it be for a symbolic reason or just for the sake of having one, star tattoos are so popular.

More or less, every star is symmetrical. Let us take a look at their size and shape. Take notice of its points. You can stretch each point, but in general, the points of the star are all spaced equally around the center of the star.

The following are the three main star shapes.

The four-pointed star sometimes denotes a holy symbol or a cross when the lower point is stretched or lengthened. It usually reminds of the stars in the night sky especially when it is Christmas. The four pointed-star is usually drawn with its points up, down, left and right, and never used as “X”. It is so simple that it is best for a tattoo design. For a 3D effect, shade half of each leg.

We are all familiar with the common five-pointed star. If you want to have this design for your tattoo, you must first consider two things. One is the way it is inked. Is it with or without the intersecting lines? Another thing to consider is the orientation of the design. Is it pointing up or down?

A five-pointed star facing up can mean two things. One is its representation of the five elements: air, fire, earth, water and spirit. For Christians, it represents the five wounds of Jesus. It is a symbol of faith. This star is called the pentagram and if surrounded by a circle, it is called the pentacle.

If the point is facing downward like the shape of the ram, it connotes evil. The person wearing it could mean he is promoting evil worship.

This five-pointed star could also represent the stars in the sky, a military power or rank, and peace when it is drawn without the intersecting lines.

The six-pointed star is also known as the Star of David. It is common as a religious symbol for the Jewish faith. Jews use this to represent the six days of creation. The same star design are also being used as police’s or sheriff's badges, as certain gang symbols and representations in other faiths such as for Muslims and many other religious groups.