The Sexiest Female Tattoo Designs and Locations - What Women Want!

The Sexiest Female Tattoo Designs and Locations - What Women Want! - Are you a girl searching for the sexiest female tattoo designs and locations? Luckily, the internet has a mind-boggling plethora of tattoo designs to choose from. But where are the best places to put it, if you're searching for a sexy, yet subtle location? It's a fact that most women opt for the 'tramp stamp' (lower back) when choosing a sexy place for a tattoo, however there are many other placements to choose from that are just as sexy!
Lower Back Tattoo - Let's start with the infamous 'tramp stamp' location. This is your best bet if you're absolutely unsure where to put your new tattoo. Let's call it the "sexy by default" option. Not only is it eye catching, it's also the most popular placement. And there's a reason for its immense popularity. However, if you're the independent type who strays from the crowd, it might not be the best option for you.

Upper Back Tattoo - Some may disagree, but upper back tattoos are gaining popularity among the female population, and can be super sexy! It's a perfect spot for those who originally wanted a lower back tattoo, but didn't want to follow the crowd. The upper back also has a discreteness feature, as most won't notice it unless you're shirtless. It's also perfect for those girls who are into bigger tattoos, as the upper back is probably the largest canvas for a tattoo on the entire body.
Hip Tattoos - Hips are one of my personal favorite locations. A woman's hips are a very sexy place to put a tattoo, and are much more modern than the lower back placement. You can choose to put a small tattoo on either side or a larger tattoo on just one side. Either way, it's going to be sexy!
Ankle Tattoos - Ankle tattoos share an uncanny combination of subtleness and sexiness. They are considered a very sexy part of a woman's body, and can accentuate a hot pair of shoes a new ankle bracelet. It's a fact that the right ankle tattoo combination can really turn a man on!
Although the locations I pointed out above are what I believe to be the sexiest and most popular spots for a new tattoo, there are many other options available, such as: the nape of the neck, or back of the neck, wrists, thighs, or even on the side torso. If you're looking for the sexiest spot to put your tattoo, the options really are limitless. It all depends on your style and how provocative you want the end result to be!