Sexy Tattoos - Here Are the Top Sexy Tattoo Ideas That Drive People Wild

Sexy Tattoos - Here Are the Top Sexy Tattoo Ideas That Drive People Wild
Looking for sexy tattoo ideas? Here are the top ideas for sexy tattoos today. These will be for both men and women. People seem to have different ideas on what are the best sexy tattoos. For some people it is the design, for other people it is where the body art is located. What we will show you here are the top ideas today for both men and women sexy tattoos.
The most controversial tattoo today and considered by most as the sexiest for women is the lower back tattoo. This has often been called a tramp stamp and some people feel this type of body art is trashy. But most people recognize that because of the way the back of a women curves this makes a very sensual and sexy place for the art work to be done.
Popular designs for lower back tattoos include: tribal art work, flowers, butterflies and just about anything attractive found in nature.
For men one of the sexiest places for tattoos is the armband tattoo. This type of body art seems to enhance a pumped up bicep. It is important that a man keep fit and strong for this to work. If the arm becomes flabby it will enhance a flabby bicep and that is not very sexy.

Popular art work for armband art include: tribal designs, Celtic art, vines and barbed wire.
For both men and women, tattoos that are hidden are generally considered very sexy. A tattoo that is only revealed to another person in an intimate situation can be very sexy. Locations for body art like this are often placed on the breasts, groin, lower abdomen and even genitals. Tattoos in these regions are often small and discrete.
Women will often wear tattoos like these with designs of hearts, cupid, trailing stars, or devilish characters. Men seem to favor designs, even in these hidden areas, that are more of the tribal art representing their strong and tough nature.
No matter where you decide to have your tattoo done on your body or what the design it is important you wear it with attitude. Especially if it is hidden, when that tattoo is revealed to that special person, having a sexy and confident attitude will also make the tattoo even sexier.
The important thing to remember is that the tattoo will be permanent. It is for that reason many tattoo artists do not recommend having a tattoo done with your significant others name. Just in case the relationship breaks up at some point in the future that is probably a good idea.
If you are not sure how you will feel about a sexy tattoo consider henna art. That is a tattoo that will wear away after a few weeks. If you find you like the tattoo then you can have it inked permanently.