Top Tribal Armband Tattoo

 Top Tribal Armband Tattoo - When it comes to body art, the tribal armband tattoo originates from a little bit of everywhere. From the hillsides of rugged Africa to tropical island tribes that still live like ancient warriors in modern days, the art form has extensive roots that make it one of the most celebrated and recognized pieces of body art in the biz.
Because of the wide spread buzz over tribal designs we have asked several tattoo artists to tell us what questions they are most frequently asked. Their answers are all compiled right here neatly for you.
Selecting Tribal Armband Tattoo
Due to their massive appeal and widespread popularity tribals are one of the easiest tattoos to master. However this does not mean that this makes it easy to choose a design! If you are still up in arms about what to choose from check out online websites with massive image books for you to flip through at your leisure before you take the plunge.

What is a good idea is to copy the design and then have it placed on your body in henna. That way if you don't like it or it is not quiet what you want, it can easily be washed off.
Most Popular Designs
Among the most popular tribal are Hawaiian themed bands, barbed wire for the tougher bunch and Celtic bands that signify the heritage with interlocking knots.
Selecting a Tattoo Artist
With the popularity of such shows as Miami Ink and LA Ink these days you hand someone a tattoo gun and they think they are an artist. Doing your research is a great way to be sure you don't get the short end of the gun. Word of mouth in the tattoo business usually speaks for itself. If someone gets a crumby tattoo word will get out. Study your friend's tattoos and if you see a well done piece ask who they used.
Will my tattoo be hard to care for? What do I do?
Tattoo cleanliness can make all the difference in the end result of your tribal armband tattoo. Many people think they cannot shower after a tattoo but this is not true.
You can shower just don't SOAK the tattoo. If soap enters the tattoo wash it away immediately. Remember to keep it bandaged up as well. The bandage was placed there by your artist for a reason. It keeps out harmful bacteria that could not only hurt you but make your tattoo less than perfect.