SS12 Print Trends

Even though it's like -50°С outside and there's a whole month of such temperature ahead, I can't help planning my ss 2012 wardrobe and checking online stores to see what's what. I haven't stopped by Asos for a pretty long time and when today I checked their New In clothes I was pleasantly surprised by all the new shapes and prints of their spring collection. 

Don't you just love all this color madness? I love the fact that the new prints are nothing like the old ones, they're so edgy and retro at the same time, no more polka dots, leopard and aztec, no more bananas and swallows, this spring is gonna be awesome!

Here's a bunch of items I saved for later on my account, gotta make up my mind! :)

What do you think of the new prints? Whcih one is your favorite?