Trendy Star Tattoo Designs for Men

You wanted a star tattoo design but couldn’t decide on what design in particular? Star tattoo designs for men doesn’t end only in the five-pointed star as we are all used to back when we were kids. There are many designs like the three most popular for the males, the Pentagram or the five-pointed star, the Nautical Star, and the Hexagram or also known as the Star of David or the six-pointed star. Each of these designs has their own different meanings.

Stars are a symbol of hope, truth and guidance during the time of struggles of the darkest time in our lives. Since stars are only seen at night, the darkness symbolizes the challenges while the shining star is the hope. Also, tattoo designs have their own different meanings depending on the shape of their tips and the number of its points. Here are some distinctions.

Pentagram Star Design

The five point star is a symbol of protection and balance. Its four points are the four powerful elements: earth, water, air and sky; while the fifth point is the spirit. This fifth element that is placed on the top of all the four creates balance on the nature of life. However, a five point star has two possible meanings. One is it could represent an evil meaning. If your five point star is facing downward, this was believed as a sign of demon worship.

Nautical Star Tattoos for Men

These star is merely for guidance; mostly seen to sailors for they believe that this star would guide and protect them along their voyage and more specially will take them home safely. For non-sailors, it is basically for guidance and protection all through their personal journey in life.

Hexagram Star Tattoos or Star of David

This tattoo design has a strong connection between the human and the Divine; also called the Creator’s star. It is very important to the Kabbalah and also to Judaism.

There are still a lot of star tattoo designs that you can choose from; for instance: the Septagram, Octagram and the Nanogram which have their individual significant meanings as well. Whichever design you choose, a star tattoo design is definitely a fashion statement.