Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

As we all know men and women have their own significant differences. Where to place tattoo designs and where to ink their tattoos in particular is often dictated be gender. Girls prefer colorful tattoos and smaller ones. For instance, a common design a girl would love to have is a butterfly or a flower placed on the center of their lower back just above the rounded swell of their buttocks because it can add to their sexiness. Some women like a tattoo placed on less visible areas to avoid complications from work and to avoid wrong impressions of them.

Men’s preferences of their tattoo designs are far different from women’s likes. Most likely, the kind of tattoo design a man would want to have is in line with their interests. For example a man who is into a rock metal thing would preferably get a tattoo design like skulls and gory stuffs. A man who is in sports may get a tattoo design in line with sports as well but most often than not they favor tattoo designs such as chains, dragons or snakes, cryptic words or images. Symbols and words will also do.

Symbols and words are a popular design nowadays; people would want to have tattoos inked on their bodies with significant meaning. It may be associated to their heritage and culture or maybe an inspirational quote, or phrases from their loved ones. For some who are wary of possible implications, they hide their tattoo by placing them in less noticeable areas like what was said earlier because it may affect their work. Another well-liked design for both men and women is a cross which can either be simple or complex, big or small depending on ones preference.

Before getting a tattoo, we all know that if you get one, you will be going to have it for the time of your life. You must think about it first and think of a design that you really want. Another thing before acting upon on it, make sure that you won’t encounter future difficulties due to a tattoo you have. Some establishments are not accepting employees with tattoos and it can also limit you from traveling to other countries. Hence, it is best for you to have your tattoo done in less obvious places.