Hip and Old School Star Tattoos

old school star tattoo
Traditional tattoos or the old school tattoos— these tattoos are often recognizable and we would expect to see them adoring the arms of a biker or an aging marine.
Before, tattoos are not that accepted in the society. They judge people wearing tattoos as ex-convicts for instance but luckily as the time passed by, things have changed and tattoos are now accepted as a work of art.

Old school tattoos were never really gone in sight although many other designs are seen nowadays like tribal, Celtic and Star tattoos. The old school tattoos might be the same as before. Nothing has changed in the way they appear, but the only thing that has changed is the feeling of how the person wearing it feels. These tattoos are appreciated because of their timeless and vintage appeal.

One of the most requested custom designs are the star tattoo designs; they seem to be pretty old yet still very popular design. There are two categories of tattoo artists: the traditionalists and the new generation of artists—and there has been a controversy between them.

These traditionalists are simply those artists who hate popular designs and hate those people who inked tattoos on their body just because the design is popular. They believe that each tattoo should be unique and has something about the wearer.
While of course the artists of the new generation are the opposite of the traditionalists, they love the popular tattoo designs, those that are hip and trendy. They typically want those tattoos that are full of colors and bright, the ones that they see on popular TV personalities or their friends or friends of their friends.

Choosing a tattoo design is truly a hard decision to make. Once you have it, you’ll have it for the longest time. Star tattoo designs are practically everywhere. Whether it be an old school design or a hip and trendy one, you can never go wrong about these star tattoo designs. They are definitely the best choice but whether it would be a traditional tattoo or not? It is still up to you.