How to Choose the Best Star Tattoo

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo you might want to consider a Star Tattoo design. This is certainly the best tattoo you must get. You can do many variations to your star tattoo design. Try to play with it by adding redesigns to spice it up. A star tattoo design doesn’t end in the typical five point star. You can always have variety of colors inked on your skin with your star tattoo design. There are hundreds of ways you can show your star tattoo and a hundred of ways to show your personality. We will give you ideas of what star tattoo design to get.

Multiple stars: star tattoos are unisex but most of the multiple star tattoo designs are common to girls. It may appear like the universe or the Milky Way. A multiple star tattoo design is great looking. You can create a big star with smaller stars right by it that seemingly portrays a shooting star. You can play with colors as well.

If done properly, the constellation of stars is the most beautiful among star tattoo designs. Choosing a constellation that already exists is okay, but why not create your own. The good thing about star tattoos is that your creativity has no boundaries.

An ordinary star may look cool. Any star will do such as the 5-point star, star of David, etc, but why not make it extra cool by filling the inside of the star with your favorite animal such as a cheetah, tiger, zebra or be wilder and bolder as you wish.

A shooting star tattoo can be very cool as well. A big star with smaller stars as its tail can make an effect of a shooting star. No matter the size is, it has the same effect depending on the person who will look at it. Aside from being cool, a shooting star could be a symbol of a wish that you wanted to be granted,

No matter what your star tattoo design is, the good thing about these star tattoo designs is that you can never go wrong with it; and your creativity and artistic adventure has no boundaries.