Star Tattoos: Meaning and Designs

Star tattoos, well I myself have one tattooed on my back for three years now that’s why I chose to write this article. For those who are wondering if tattoos are just made for decoration, you are wrong. Tattoo designs have meaning. For example, what is the hidden meaning of these star tattoos?

We look up in the starry night sky, we see Gods creation of beauty, and we feel the happiness just by the sight. We thought perhaps, how can I ever get that shining star? Stars stand for goals, ambition, our aims, enlightenment and beauty; and that simply explains what star tattoos are. Now let’s be more specific in trying to get these star tattoos’ meanings.

shooting star tattoo

One of the most common is the shooting star. Shooting stars represent moments in your life that did not last for too long. It can either be a happy moment or a sad experience but had definitely left a lasting intuition in your life. They look beautiful and they are perfect to remind you of those days gone by.

nautical star tattoo
Another star tattoo is the Nautical Star or the North Star or sometimes called as the compass star. By the name itself, it can only mean that this star tattoo signifies the will to make ones personal path— it stands for guidance and protection. This star is believed to have guided the Three Wise Men on their way to Bethlehem to find the Messiah.

five point star tattoo
The Pentagram which is a five point star has two meanings: a sign of protection and balance if it is in the upward position and it stands for the Devil if it is a downward facing pentagram. For this reason, devil worshipers have a downward facing pentagram to advertise the devil.

star of david tattoo
A very strong symbol in Judaism is the Star of David or the hexagram. To represent a balanced life, the Star of David is often used. In Paganism, this star stands for "the blade and the chalice", a sign for complete humanity. Both views depict the relations between the Divine and humans.

nine point star tattoo
A nine point star is fairly rare, the nanogram. Because it is uneasy to draw, it is hardly ever chosen. This nanogram has been believed to have special powers since long ago and is quite mystical. Achievement and stability are what this nanogram stands for and is also used to bring about and keep stability in life.