Most Popular Body Parts for Star Tattoo

shoulder star tattoo
1. Shoulders- The stars on the shoulders are suitable for those people who desire to express rather then to impress. There isn’t an exact reason behind the cluster star patterns but having this cluster of stars tattooed on you back which forms a string or design towards your lower back could mean a portrayal of a spirit and the quest to reach the heavens. If you want to project your zodiac sign instead, you can have a constellation inked on your shoulders.

feet star tattoo
2. Feet- Like Indians who find it incomplete without including stars on their feet as a body art; you may also want to include stars tattoos to cover your feet with a stunning look.

navel star tattoo
3. Navel- A star tattooed on your navel is also nice to look at especially when you have a flat belly, it can add to the appeal and sexiness in you. When you are in a beach party for example, your star belly tattoo can be a focal point. This tattoo is also a symbol of fashion and modern life.

lower back star tattoo
4. Lower Back- Not only because it is trendy and popular to have a star tattooed on your lower back, many wants to place their tattoos here because base from the spiritual or superstitious sayings coming from the Celtic beliefs, if you place your tattoo in this particular area it generates the flow of incoming energy coming from nature. These stars serve as the entrance to open the pathway so that a person’s aura can be opened to gather energy.

chest star tattoo
5. Chest- Placing star tattoos near the breast is somewhat normal today in this generation. This could mean rebellion or someone’s desire of being free because she is trapped in obeying rules.

wrist star tattoo
6. Wrist- Many believe that having a tattoo on their wrist can attract power and energy from nature and can be transmitted to their system. A chain of star that wraps around the wrist with a big star that will serve as a head is a symbol of power. People want this design believe that they will become stronger and powerful.