Shooting Star Tattoos

As times goes by, star tattoos grow more in popularity for both men and women. There are many star tattoo designs, one of which is the shooting star tattoo. Shooting stars are believed to grant wishes. They said that if you saw one, just make a wish and your wish comes true and shooting star tattoo designs denote the same meaning—for good luck and fulfillment of a wish.

One common shooting star tattoo design is a trail of small stars behind the largest star. This design seems to be moving and it covers a large part on your skin yet still with great delicacy. A big design like this can best be placed on the side of your body. For some who want it to be more visible, they even ink it on their face.

Another great thing about shooting star tattoo design is there is a very small chance of duplicating the design itself. Every shooting star designs are unique; its simplicity allows the artists to become more artistic and creative in designing your tattoo.

A small or big shooting star wouldn’t change its attractiveness as long as the main star will remain to be the biggest. The effect will still depend on the eyes of the person viewing it.

Another exciting thing about this design is the flexibility of adding colors on it. You can play around with the colors as long as each of them compliments each other.

Shooting star tattoo designs are unisex; it is appropriate for both sexes. You can just add a little spice to it and be a little creative to convey your own personality.

Even from afar, shooting star tattoo designs are recognizable because they usually contain bold border lines.

No matter how many variations you can create in the shooting star tattoo design this design will remain trendy and fabulous. Add a little spice in your life, a design that you can add designs on it sounds cool right? Be creative and fashionable without the scare of being stereotyped, surely no one can say it doesn’t look good, plus that good luck charm that is inked in your body that remains forever.