Lower Back Tattoo Designs for Girls

It has been so popular to girls to ink their tattoo on their lower back, regardless of their negative labels like "Tramp Stamp", "Bullseye Tattoo" and "Alley Tag"... but why do women still love still favored this body part for tattoo and why do men love the sight?

It is very important to know first if the tattoo will look good on you as much as it looks good on the paper. Thus, deciding where to place your tattoo is very important. Your body is not flat like a paper. The muscle tone and the bone structure will affect your tattoo design so you better ask opinion from your artist first before deciding on what tattoo you want to ink on your body.

Ever wonder why most girls love to place their tattoos on their lower backs despite of the stereotyping experienced by girls who have tattoos? Well, it is such a wonderful sight for the boys. There is something sexy and seductively alluring about this female sexy lower back tattoo. Another thing why women are much encouraged to place their tattoos at their lower backs is that due to human nature and some unexpected changes that will happen to your body, our back is the least likely to be wrinkled as we age.

Another thing is that it is less painful to get tattooed on your lower back maybe because it is fleshy. This lessens the pain down deep unlike getting tattooed on a really boney or sensitive part of the body.

Another thing that is best about getting tattoos on your back is that your back itself is a huge “blank canvass” that allows your artist to become more artistic in your tattoo design.

Some of the widely chosen lower back tattoo designs for girls are of course a flower, star tattoos, frangipani tattoos and fairy tattoos to mention a few. The good thing about these designs is their flexibility to colors—artists can add some colors to some extent.

Because your tattoo is at your back you can either display it or hide it depending on your mood or on the circumstances. You can flaunt it during parties or whatever or hide it when it is necessary.